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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lost and Found x4/ and prayer request

Sorry for no post today. Have the medical test done last week - plus a whole lot of other things got into the way. Oh and it seemed that this past week has been a week of losing things. Where should I start - Ok - first of all I had a bag of quilt block and some border fabric that I needed to work on - a donation quilt - I could remember taking it to my sewing room but could not find it for nothing. Then my husband was wearing some lose cotton shorts - to go work on his mothers bathroom remodel job- well he took off his wedding ring and put it in his pocket so it would not get the grout on it. Well he lost it. Then the last time that my husband was sick and we were at the hospital till 2am - well he had a Dr. note for him to be off the next day- well I had lost it and he needed it so it could be turned in and cover the day he missed. Then I needed to get into my Mother in laws house and could not find our copy of the key. Well this post will tell more of each of these incidents and all of the excitement that we have had around here.

So I had a bag of quilt blocks and the border for a special quilt - missing. I had looked and looked for it. A friend of mine had said - to pray about it and then clean and that it would probably show up. Well I had done that -(not the entire house but here and there) and it had not showed up. Well by Friday (after a week of missing it) my husband decided to help me and guess what? He found it- I had  hung it up on the back of the sewing room door. And the way the wall is and the door- it is easy to put something on that doorknob and not be able to tell that it is there. So Praise the Lord - I finally have it again- thanks to my husband!

After work and supper - my husband went to his Mom's to work on a bathroom remodel job. He was wearing some loose cotton shorts. He had taken his wedding ring off so he wouldn't get the ring dirty. When he got home- he realized the ring was missing. He had his Mom look at her house - no ring. He looked in the vehicle and around here- no ring. He even drove over to his Mom's with a better flash light to look for the ring. No ring to be found. The next day after work - he went out and started cleaning up his vehicle and guess what? He found the ring! Praising God for that!!

In order for my husbands day off to be excused and the $ for that day come from a special FMLA fund instead of him having to take a pto day- he would have to have this special paper - and have his Dr fax it in by Friday. Well I was stressing out. I was sure I had thrown one of the things that I Thought  he needed away and was afraid that I might have thrown this yellow piece of paper away also. I looked and looked and praise the Lord - I found it!!

Ok- so all of that to get us to today- I got a phone call from my Mother in law - she sounds bad - like something is going on. My son and I had take SweetPea to a local park to play. We decided we needed to get over there- especially after she rattled off a few complaints heart burn last night that seems to be getting worse, back hurt, and arms hurt. When we got there -and after she added that her jaw hurt- I was sure we needed to get her to the ER- sounded like a heart attack to me. Well my son took her to the ER and I took care of SweetPea. Later - when I realized that my MIL would be in the hospital over night - I needed to go to my Mother in law's house to take care of her dogs and put some food away that she had been working on fixing. Well I started looking for our copy of her house key. I looked and looked. I got a few of my close friends and family to please pray for me to find this key. SweetPea and I even prayed about finding the key. And later - I heard her asking Jesus to help us find the key. I talked on the phone to my Mother - and after I realized that the key to my MIL house was probably with the copy of my Mothers house key- it got me to thinking of one more place to look. And sure enough - praise the Lord - I found the key!!

So we get to my MIL house - and guess what? She had the locks changed after her husband had passed away - and my key - that I had looked and looked for - did NOT work. Luckily for us - my son had a copy(with my MIL keys) and met us at her house 10 minutes or so after we got there.

So good news- all that was lost this week has been found!!
So my MIL- When she got to the ER- a heart attack was not showing up - but about 2 hours later - she had a heart attack. They loaded her up in a helicopter and took her to a Big hospital downtown. And took her directly into the cath lab - they did two stints. She is not out of the woods but it is looking more promising. We are very thankful and grateful that God gave us wisdom to know to get her to the ER. And that she had her Heart attack there- where they could help her.

Could you please keep my MIL in your prayers - her name is Charlene. Thanks so much.

It's been an awfully long day for our family. And I know I don't have an excuse for missing the posting for the "Love With All Your Heart" series - but I will resume that next week. Thanks for your understanding. :O)


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother in law. I will be praying for her! I'm so thankful she was at the hospital when the heart attack happened.
    What a crazy week with losing things. I'm so glad you found everything, especially your husbands wedding ring!

    1. Thanks for the prayers. Yes- it was nice to finally find all the things needed. It took over a week to find the quilt blocks. Hope your having a good week end! Lisa :O)


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