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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

So Very Busy

Boy this week has been a busy week and a bit of a stressful week as well. So many things to do and some days- like today had 5 different appointments in it. Thankfully the timing worked out well.

Yesterday we had our 3 girl kittens fixed. It was pretty stressful on them as well as for me. They were born in our garage so they have always been here. Never have they been in a carrier before and certainly not in a car or away from home. Yesterday I had to put them each in their own carrier and put them in the back seat of my car. Thankfully my son went with me to take them to the vet. When we arrived - there were a lot of people there in a pretty small space with all sorts of dogs and cats there for services. It took over 40 minutes just to get them checked in and over $200.00 to get the three fixed...was tempted to open a go fund me account to help with the cost of having this done.....

I got a phone call at 12:15pm saying that the girls were done and I could pick them up at 1:30pm - and at least pick them up by 3:30pm. I opted for the 1:30pm. Thankfully my sister was available to help me pick them up. My biggest concern was trying to get 3 carriers out to my car. So after I dropped her off - I headed home to get the girls calmed and resting. Poor girls - they were not happy campers when I picked them up.

Oh - where ALOT of stress came in - I was told to keep the kittens from running or jumping for 2 weeks...HELLO!?!? I have 4 kittens and two other cats.... is anyone able to keep their cats from jumping and running? Suggestions were put them in a laundry room - my laundry room is my garage --- that won't work. The only place that would work is the sunroom which is set up for them but it is still a good sized room and they are able to do some running and jumping in there.

They were pretty tipsy all afternoon. I put them in the sunroom and shut the doors and curtain and let them rest for a few hours. In the evening when daddy got home - we let them out for an hour. When they were being tempted to do too much jumping and such- we put them up. They slept some more. We left the girls in the sunroom all the time while we were gone today so that they could rest some more. When we got home at 3:00pm - we let them out and are keeping an eye on them.

Today my husband had a pre-op appointment - just 45 minutes later - about 3/4 of a mile away from the first appointment - I had my MRI appt. When it got to 20 minutes before my appointment and several things left for my husband to do for his appointment - I figured out that I would need to walk to my appointment. And I was able to get there with a bit of time to spare. It was probably a good thing that it worked out that I needed to walk to the appointment - because laying there still for 30 - 45 minutes is a challenge - but thankfully that is behind me and hoping to have some answers soon. I need to know what is going on my with my leg/knee. I need to know what I can and can not do.

While I was at my appointment - my husband went to eye dr to see about his glasses that broke. Then after my appointment - my husband had an appointment with the dentist. And soon he will have an appointment with his primary care dr.

I am thankful to be home - it has been a busy day. The stress from the last couple of days has been tired and feeling worn out. It is chilly outside - but thankfully it is cozy in my home. Speaking of cold- we had to go get a heater that we could put out in the sunroom and set a temperature to help keep the kittens from getting too cold. We are suppose to get a hard freeze tonight.

IF you could keep my husband in your prayers - he will have surgery on Monday morning. That is another things that I will be so thankful to have behind us.

Well I better close - I have a lot of things to do. Hope you all are doing well. :O)


  1. Will pray about the surgery! Lots going on--glad you got through all the appointments!

  2. LOL You was actually told to keep the kittens from jumping? Did you laugh at them and say yea right rofl.
    I will keep you,and hubby in our prayers :-)


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