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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Benefits of...Water



Prescribed Dose:

A healthy adult should drink 8-10 glasses of pure soft water daily. Bathe daily to remove impurities from the skin.

Additional recommendations:

The body is 70% water, and all organs and bodily functions require water to properly function. Water should be taken throughout the day and not all at one time. Drink plenty of water during hot seasons to avoid dehydration. Avoid alcohol drinks, soft drinks, coffee, tea (with caffeine), sugar based drinks, etc. Herbal teas and 100% fruit or vegetable juices are fine in moderation, but are never to replace water. Drinking cold beverages with meals temporarily hinders digestion of food.


  • Water is a cleansing agent that cleanses internally and externally.
  • Regulates body temperature.
  • Aids in weight loss.
  • Increasing water consumption lessens the work load of the kidneys.
  • Relieves bowel constipation.
  • Assist in digestion.
  • A warm bath sooths the nerves and relaxes the muscles.
  • All moving body parts are lubricated with water.
  • Purifies the blood. 

Possible Side Effects:

Drinking too much water at one time can make the stomach too full causing discomfort.

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