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Friday, November 11, 2016

Benefits of....Rest



Prescribed dose:

A healthy adult requires at least 8 hours of sleep. Children, the elderly, and those who are ill need more sleep.

Additional recommendations:

Sleep is necessary for growth, healing and repair. The body is like a clock and requires regular sleep hours. Sleep with a window cracked in your bedroom to provide fresh circulation of air throughout the room as you sleep. Don't sleep with food on your stomach. Get to bed early because deep sleep happens from 9pm - midnight. The hours of sleep gained before midnight are worth double of the hours after midnight. Wear comfortable clothing when sleeping. Relax your mind and put away disturbing thoughts before attempting to fall asleep. Operating a car when tired is just as dangerous as drinking and driving.


  • Refreshes and restores exhausted energy.
  • Body repairs itself when you are asleep.
  • Mental clarity and alertness.
  • Better daytime performance.
  • Stronger immune system. The body makes antibodies when you are asleep.
  • Better able to resist colds and flu
  • Sleep helps the body fight infection.
  • Makes your skin healthy and look fresh.
  • Sleep helps us conserve energy.
  • Cheerful disposition.

Possible side effects:

The body needs a balance of rest and activity. Too much sleep would not be productive.

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