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Monday, November 14, 2016

Benefits of...Self Control

So sorry this post is late - I had to take my MIL to get a few tests run today and so I did not have enough time to get this posted before I went. Yesterday I spent several hours out in my yard getting it mowed and cleaned up. It was a beautiful day and I knew that I had quite a bit going on this week - including a visit with my oncologist.



Prescribed Dose:
Be temperate in all things at all times.
Additional recommendations:
Learn to say "no" to the bad and set limits on unrealistic ideals and desires. Balance out your life between work and play, etc. Excess in eating, drinking, working, study, play etc. is never healthy. Say "no" to the bad and be temperate in the "good."
  • Develops self-control.
  • Balanced life.
  • More time and focus for what is important.
  • Ability to avoid harmful foods, drink and life style habits that do not promote health.
  • Ability to say "no" to anything harmful.
Possible side effects:
Stress or tension in the attempt to become disciplined, regimented, and organized. You can become obsessive- compulsive about "doing the right thing," or tend to become addicted to rigidness and structure, which can lesson your quality of life. Always avoid extremes, too far to the right or left is never healthy. Balance is the key.

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