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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Getting Things Marked Off the List

For some reason our internet has been spotty today. So much so that I just gave up and turned the computer off. Which wasn't altogether a bad thing, because I actually then began to focus on my to do list. There were a couple of items that had been on my to do list all week long - in fact they were there for probably 2 weeks or so. So I decided that today would be the day to tackle those things. So I finally got our fish tank cleaned up. And then I decided to tackle the big job of cleaning our carpets. It always feels good to have that job behind me - but it does take quite a bit of energy. And since chemo and all- I don't have quite as much as I used to have. I had a couple of loads of laundry that had to be done- catching up since my husbands dirty clothes from going to Oshkosh got here yesterday.

Then if I had not already done enough - our septic system started acting up big time. It had been giving us a little problem here and there - and we were trying to wait until Friday - till my husband could work on it. Well it wasn't going to wait so I got out there and worked and worked. I was getting kind of frustrated about the whole situation. My husband had suggested that I call one of our sons and ask him to come and help. I just hate to ask other people to help with that kind of stuff- cause it requires taking a hose and pushing it through a septic line that goes from the house out to the first tank of our Aerobic system. It's not a fun job by any means. Anyway I decided to just work on it some more. Well I guess my husband(since is working a double shift today and won't be home till late) called our son and asked him to come and help. Our son N called and asked if I was still working on it and I said yes. I said I had not wanted to have to ask him to help with that kind of thing, and he said that is what families are for. It's times like that- that I am so proud of my boys. Willing to help - even with jobs that are not fun. Even dirty jobs.

So now I turned on the computer and thankfully the internet is working and so I thought I would get on here and write up a little post to catch up some hopefully it won't go down again. But if it does - I have plenty of things around here to do to keep myself busy.

Oh by the way - could you guys pray that I can find my block of the month - block. I can not find it. I have till Sept. 5th till I have to have it done but would really like to find it cause there have been a couple of times that I was wanting to work on it. Anyway this evening I think I am going to do a little straightening in my sewing room -and hope that it shows up.
Dallas 7 day Forecast
As you can see it is still hot around here - It is 99.5 degrees right now at 6pm.

Anyway I am happy to have several big jobs marked off of my to do list. Now I can relax and enjoy the evening. I will have a few more odds and ends that I will want to get done today- but they are nothing compared to what all I have already done today. Hope you all are doing well. :o)

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  1. Wow, I could use some of your warm weather. We've had terrible winds and rain off of hurricane Bertha here. And I've been freezing cold as if it were winter!


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