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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's Getting Quite Warm...

So can you tell it is getting warmer and warmer here...

Dallas 7 day Forecast

Not only is it getting warmer and warmer - actually hotter and hotter, but it we seem to have a lot of mosquitoes this year as well. And I am sad to report - it seems like the lady bug population has dwindled as well. Normally we see quite a bit of them. And it has been fun for my granddaughter to look for them. And it seemed that on any given day we could be walking out in the yard and find one, usually without having to look very much for them. Some family in Arkansas said they hadn't seen very many this year- maybe 2-3.

My granddaughter is taking swimming lessons. I am so thankful that my husband is taking her and then her daddy go to the lesson right after work. It gives me just a little bit of peace and quiet - in order to get supper fixed for everyone. Today I am quite tired. I have been trying to get to bed a little earlier but my days are just so packed it is hard to move the time up any without taking away from the little bit of relaxation time that I have. Maybe this week end I can get a little extra sleep.

I had to run to Walmart earlier. The swimming suit that we had for Sweetpea seemed to be too little. And so I was wanting to get her a bigger one. Well there were none in the little girl section - so we went over to the bigger girls section and I found an adorable two piece- little shorts and a little top- that goes down to the bottoms. I just like the two pieces cause if she has to go to the bathroom she can without as much fuss. Anyway - they were a size up and they were too big. I sewed up the each side a bit and they seem to be too big still. SO I may have to sew them up more. Hoping they stay on her while she is swimming - now.

Well I just wanted to check in for a bit. I am going to close this so I can get a few things done around here. Hope you are all doing well. :O)

Wanted to leave you with a little funny that was on Facebook today. It reminds me of our cat Stewie! LOL :O)


  1. Good, I'm not the only one who thinks there are more mosquitoes this year!
    Take care of yourself, don't get overtired!

  2. That cat picture really made me laugh! I hope the new swimsuit works out for her. How nice that she is taking swimming lessons!

  3. Hi Lisa! Holy Cow, you are having some really hot weather!! Remember that heat can really sap your strength, so don't spend too much time looking for ladybugs!
    I have noticed that I don't see very many fireflies these days. How about you? I know we would see a ton of them when I was young. Now, not so much. That's sad.

    Hope you pace yourself, and are able to keep up your energy. Don't go knitting a onesie like this crazy cat!

  4. My parents actually bought ladybugs recently. I guess my grandpa used to do that and release them into his garden. My parents had a great time letting the neighbor girls watch the release of thousands of ladybugs. :)

  5. Hi Lisa, yes, it is hotter here too and we are approaching the first days of 100 plus. Actually later then normal this year, but not complaining. We so need rain and we hope the cold front will help in the garden a bit.
    Sadly we have not seem lady bugs either but I am seeing lots of grasshoppers which is not good. We are going to get something to help with that before the whole garden is eating by them.
    Maybe we need to by some ladybugs and place them in the garden.
    The cat pic is too cute.
    Hope you have a relaxing weekend and catch up on your rest.
    Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment. Wishing you many blessings and complete return to good health!!

  6. I had to refresh my memory of where you lived. I was hoping it wasn't anywhere near me. Ha! That is HOT! I think all children should learn to swim for safety. I prayed God would give you abundant rest in the short time you have! ~Pamela

  7. I do not like hot weather...I do appreciate the flowers and other pretty things in nature during the summer time though...Love that funny cat!
    Blessings and love~ Lisa


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