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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's Been a Good Day

Goodness- our weather here in Texas is getting warm. The last few days - I heard several of the weather people say that we would probably get out first 100 degree weather on Thursday, but looking at this it looks like we might make it one more week before we hit that mark. And that is fine with me. I am not looking forward to that. I do not like really hot weather.
Yesterday the high was only about 95 degrees but the humidity was high and it got pretty hot out there. In fact, I got side tracked at working on getting activities ready to do with our Granddaughter during the month of July(that is when it looks like my son will get her this summer) and so I did not make it outside to get my jobs done out there till noon area or so. And let me tell you - while I was working I felt like I was fine, but once I got inside- I realized that I was very hot and it took a while for me to cool down. But I am thrilled with what all I got done.

Dallas 7 day Forecast
Today I took my MIL to her eye Dr. She had a cataract taken care of yesterday, and she needed someone to take her to the Dr apt. We really enjoyed our visit. I really love my MIL. We've had some rough times - with me working for her but really all things considered we got along really good. It was nice to get to visit with her and I realized that I need to make it a point to go see her more often.
Then I had an apt to get my hair cut. I love that appointment. It is fun to get pampered by getting your hair washed cut and dried. And I really like the lady that cuts my hair - she has been doing it for about 24 years or so. Wow- that makes me feel

I stopped by a couple of my favorite thrift stores - looking for toys, clothes for the granddaughter so we will have what we need while she is with my son for the summer. And since I will be taking care of her while my son works - I wanted to look for more things.

I also took a box of books to Half Price Book Store. I only got enough money to get a cool book - that has some puzzle pieces that helps her learn her colors - but it was new and very nice and I was able to come home with something. Normally I just donate stuff that we get rid of- I either find someone that I know will enjoy, appreciate what ever it is or I donate it to a thrift store. So today I was happy to be able to pick out something to help my granddaughters time here with us to be even more fun.

This week my husband has helped me understand more deeply about Salvation and how it is a gift. Stay tuned because I need to get the post written out. It's one of those posts where - you have to go deep and so I am just hoping that God will give me the right words for it. It is hard to express how deeply the lesson that I learned has affected me. Anyway be watching for it. :o)


  1. wow the weather sees very nice in your hometown here in holland also..the news said were be rain...but not that much...summer is coming..(lol) wanted to tell you i love your blog..a warm and encouraging one...loves from soraya

  2. Your mother in law is blessed to have you.


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